Medical Equipment for Hospitals
Medical Equipment for Hospitals

Symposia® Point of Care Computers and Tablets

Symposia® Point of Care Computers and Tablets

The increased adoption of electronic health records (EHR) in healthcare institutions and practices creates the need for electronic POC documentation through the use of various medical devices.

Tablets are more functional for high volume and complex data entry, and are favoured for their screen size, and capacity to run more complex functions

Symposia® Point of Care Computers and Tablets

24″ Widescreen Point-of-Care Terminal

with IPS TFT Display and Intel 6th Generation Processor

Runs on Intel® 6th generation, Skylake processor with a fanless, high performance profile
24″ full HD resolution, IPS LCD with edge to edge, bezel-less design
USB 3.0 and PCIex4 expansion slot, mini PCIe slot x 2
Offers a multi-touch option to deliver a truly unmatched touchscreen experience
IP54 enclosure to protect against dust and water splashing for ease of cleaning
Isolated design provides unique electric leakage protection for COM ports, and LAN ports, and optional USB port
Optional Bluetooth, RFID inner WLAN module, Li-ion battery pack, and auto-focus 5M pixel camera and DICOM preset
Support Intel® firmware trusted platform module (TPM) with Intel® Platform Trust Technology (Intel® PTT) 

Brandon Medical PACS station

PACs station and tablets

Picture Archiving and Communication System is a medical imaging system used to record, retrieve, distribute and review medical images.

  • PACs Station with 24″ Screen
  • 10″ Tablet Screen
  • 10″ Tablet Screen Charge Cradle
  • 19″ Arm-Mounted Screen
  • 21.5″ Touchscreen Terminal (Non-Medical)