Quasar® eLite Mobile

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Quasar® eLite Mobile provides all the advantages of a single, ceiling mounted Quasar® eLite but with the added benefit of being mounted on a mobile base. Features include:

Near Perfect Colour Rendition

For the best visualisation during surgery.

Fat Beam Technology

The largest light beams of any current product.

Unique Comfort Halo

A soft halo of light to reduce eye strain from high contrasts of light intensity.

Designed to Minimise Infections

Easy to clean, sealed light head, remote controls and anti-microbial coatings.

HD-SDI Camera “Inside”

Integrated cameras are fully enclosed inside the light head for cleanliness and reduced cost.

Premium Quality Movement

Low weight light head and perfectly balanced arm system.




Product Features

  • HD-LED Techology
  • Fat Beam Technology
  • Red Balance Control
  • 160,000 Lux
  • Integrated Camera System
  • Designed to Minimise Infections
  • "Visual Banding" Elimination
  • LED life of >60,000 hours

Assembly Guide

Instructions for Use

Quasar® eLite 30 Mobile