Medipower™ Equipotential Bonding Busbar

Earth Reference Bars for all Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations

Medipower™ Equipotential Bonding Busbar

Brandon Medical has launched a new range of Medipower Earth Reference Bars (ERB) to supply all Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations. Brandon Medical’s ERBs adhere to the MEIGaN set of regulations protecting both patients and clinicians in healthcare environments.


Brandon Medical EBB ERB

The Medipower Earth Reference Bars

Designed and manufactured by Brandon Medical, Medipower EBB complement our extensive range of Isolated Power Supply (IPS) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment. The ERBs are available in 350 ampere and high capacity 630 ampere current ratings allowing a greater quantity of protective earth conductors to be connected. All of Brandon Medical’s ERBs are fully compliant with MEIGaN requirements.

Brandon’s ERBs are available in flush or surface mounting options. They are simple to install with easily removable links in order to fulfill recognised test procedures. The coloured labeling system allows for ease of identification of all the system earths connected to the ERB.

Clean Earth Unswitched Blue Sockets

Clean Earth Unswitched Blue Sockets

All Medical IT power sockets are required to be blue in colour, unswitched with clean earth connection and labelled as ‘Medical Equipment Only’. These sockets are available as single or double gang configurations.

  • Warning Lights
  • Injectors
  • Water Baths
  • Contrast Media Warming Equipment
  • Viewing Boxes
  • Power Drug Cabinets
  • Work surfaces
  • Heating pipes & radiators
  • Water tubes
  • Ceiling mounted hardware
  • Trunking & cable trays

1) The mains supply protective conductor entering the location shall be terminated at the ERB.
2) The ERB shall be close to the mains supply isolator except with MR units.
3) The ERB shall be installed in an accessible position, to facilitate easy visual inspection and testing, not higher than 1.8m and not lower than 1m measured from the floor.
4) Circuit protection and potential equilisation conductors shall have crimped connections.
5) All circuit protective conductors shall be identified, and a list of connections made, a copy of which shall be available in the ERB cabinet. Equipotential conductors from the socket-outlets shall be identified as either ‘Medical Location of Group 1’ or ‘Medical location of Group 2’ as appropriate.
6) All installed equipment shall be earthed to the ERB if there are any conductive surfaces that are accessible to either patient or staff.
7) All non powered equipment with metal surfaces shall be similarly bonded to the ERB.

  • 160A size
  •  320A size.
  •  630A size.
  • Non-ferrous.
  •  Flush or surface-mounted.