Brandon Medical Installation of Medical IT power supplies IPS

Medipower™ External Maintenance Bypass Panels

Safe and easy isolation of Brandon Medical UPS units during maintenance

Medipower External Maintenance Bypass Panels allow safe and easy isolation of Brandon Medical UPS units from the main supply. This allows UPS units to undergo maintenance in complete safety without any disturbance to the load.


External Maintenance Bypass Panels – EMBP

These panels provide total isolation for UPS maintenance with no disturbance to the load.The EMBP allows the UPS to be switched out of service and connects utility supply directly to the load. This enables maintenance of the UPS to take place without interruption of supply. EMBP are available with multiple configurations to satisfy any UPS design topology.


EMBP Available up to 160KVA

UPS frame sizes larger than 160KVA are typically supplied from separate input/output distribution boards.

Fast Response Negates Safety Key Requirement

EMBP panel allows the static bypass switch to operate within 6 milliseconds ensuring no back feed to the UPS, thus negating the requirement and cost of Castell interlocking.

Safety Key Interlock Option

Where required by the specification, this option is available upon request.