Medipower™ iBEPU

Intelligent Battery Emergency Power Units for Operating Lights designed by Brandon Medical

Medipower™ iBEPU

Intelligent Battery Emergency Power Units for Operating Lights designed by Brandon Medical

Surgical luminaries are one of the critical systems within the OR and require the highest level of power supply resilience. To ensure this each luminaire should have its own primary (mains) and secondary (battery backup) supply. In accordance with HD60364-7-710, BS7671-2018 (18th edition) and HTM06-01:2017, the surgical operating light must have a back up of 3 hours.


  • Time and cost saving via automated test and battery maintenance.
  • HTM 06-01 compliant.
  • Modbus communication.
  • Intelligent theatre control panel (iTCP) connection.
  • Easy to monitor and configure with Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Collects data for secure reports via Android app.

Brandon Medical’s iBEPU system consists of:

  • An integrated power supply unit (PSU).
  • A separate battery charger.
  • 10-year design life batteries.
  • High speed (static switch) changeover unit.
  • Modbus communication to TCP.


The primary supply unit (PSU) will provide the lamp with power under normal operating conditions. Should the primary supply suffer a mains failure or a catastrophic component failure, then the iBEPU will switch over to its own battery supply.

Medipower iBEPU intelligent battery emergency power for operating lights

Isolated to Integrated

Through its associated app engineers can configure, maintain and provide reporting on the battery system.

iBEPU0300L Enclosure Size 400 x 400 x 200mm
Enclosure Material Steel
Painted RAL9010
Weight without batteries 11kg
18Ah Battery Size L x W x H 180 x 76 x 167mm (Part No. EBL13847-1218)
Input Voltage VDC 85 to 265 VAC
Output Voltage VDC 20 to 28.5 VDC
Max Output Current 4A
Wattage (VA) 125VA
Max Discharge Current 30 Amps Max
Battery Autonomy (Based on 1 x QE60) 3 Hours @21ºC
Isolation Voltage Input to Output 2k VAC
Isolation Resistance 100 MÙ
Ambient Temperature 15 to +30ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to +70ºC
Relative Humidity 20 to 95% RH
Installation Position Vertical
Pollution Degree II
Degree of Protection IP20
UPS Current Consumption (No Load) 0.2 Amps
UPS Current Consumption (Charging) 3.5 Amps
Battery Voltage Range 19.2 – 28.5 VDC
Cooling Method Free Air Convection
Battery Reverse Voltage 28.5 VDC
Battery Output Fuse 10 Amps
Recommended Batteries 2 x 12 V 18Ah in Series
Nominal Charge Voltage 27.2 V
Battery Low Voltage Cut-Out Setting 19.2 V
Volt Free Contact Rating 2A @ 30 VDC
Voltage Measurement Range 0 – 30 V ±2%
Temperature Measurement Range 0 to 70ºC ±3ºC
Current Measurement Range 0 to 3A ±10mA
Local Indicators Mains Healthy, Battery In Use, Battery Fail
Configurable Via NFC Interface
Communications 4-Wire RS485
Protocols Modbus RTU Slave


    • EN60601-1:2006+A12:2014
      HTM06-01 Compliant