Brandon Medical Installation of Medical IT power supplies IPS
Brandon Medical Installation of Medical IT power supplies IPS

Medipower™ Medical IT Power Supplies (formerly known as IPS)

Providing safe delivery of electrical power for medical locations

 Isolated Power Supplies for Group 2 Medical Locations

Also known as a medical IT system, an IPS system provides safe delivery of electrical power. Brandon Medical work in partnership with ESA Grimma to produce medical IT power supplies and system solutions that ensure safe energy distribution. IPS units can be supplied in 3.15, 4, 5, 6.3, 8 & 10 kVA

Medical Locations

The International Standard HD60364-7-710 and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (Guidance note 7, Chapter 10) define medical location into groups 0,1 & 2. Group 2 locations include operating theatres, intensive care units and special care baby units.

IPS Systems

The IPS system provides continuity of supply in the instance of the first insulation fault. IPS also offers additional protection from electrical leakage currents, for group 2 locations or HTM06-01 for clinical risk category 5 areas.


IPS units can be provided in a number of KVA sizes and in single through to triple variants in one enclosure.

Automatic Electrical Supply

The standards state that Group 2 Medical Locations shall have an automatic electrical supply available within 0.5 seconds of power failure. In the UK, it is commonplace to support the IPS system with an upstream Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in order to meet the 0.5-second requirement. In other parts of the world, this may be by switching to an alternative source of supply. See our UPS page for more details.


High Quality

ESA Grimma develop and produce system solutions that ensure safe energy distribution. These products are used and trusted worldwide.

Modular Construction

Ability to hot-swap and maintain individual components.

Powerful Messaging

Programmable content with up to 1000 alarm messages.

Smaller Footprint Space Requirements

The compact system design allows for better use of valuable space.

Flexible Number of Outgoing Ways

IPS system MCBs are available in functional blocks of 6, up to a maximum of 96.

Enhanced Warranty

IPS systems are provided with a warranty of up to 5 years, subject to there being planned preventative maintenance measures in place, offering additional peace of mind.

CANbus Network Connectivity

A CANbus (Controller Area Network bus) allows devices to communicate with each other without a host computer.

IPS alarm signals communicate seamlessly via CANbus, offering many benefits:


Significant Reduction in Field Wiring

CANbus can offer over 50% reduction in field cabling costs.

Multiple Master Alarm Functionality

The BMTi 5 Series remote alarm communicates with all other connected devices on the CANbus network. In the unlikely event of a failure any remote alarm can take precedence. 

Speed of Response

CANbus is capable of identifying and reporting load insulation faults in 5-30 seconds.



Each CANbus network can be up to 2500m in length for linking multiple networks or future expansion.

High Resilience

CANbus continually monitors two-way communications between all CANbus connected devices, identifies any faults and provides parallel redundancy.

Advanced Event Logging

The IPS system timestamps and documents any fault reported for future reference or data extraction.

Medical IPS systems should serve the following areas:

  • Operating Theatre Suites and Recovery Areas
  • Emergency Departments – Resuscitation
  • Critical Care Areas – CCU, ITU, SCBU, NICU, HDU etc.
  • Imaging Rooms – MRI, CT, PET, X-Ray, Cath Lab etc.

System Configurations

IPS transformers are available in 4,5,6.3,8 and 10KVA frame sizes:

  • Panel configurations are Single (SIPS), Double (DIPS) and Triple (TIPS) solutions
  • Floor and wall-mounted options

System Options

  • Individual line insulation fault monitoring (IFS)
  • Brandon Automatic Transfer System (BATS)
  • BATS bypass switch
  • Surge protection
  • MCB tripped monitoring
  • Network gateway

Energy Efficient Transformers – TRX

Highly efficient transformers reduce running costs and allow for a long product lifespan.

Insulation Load Temperature – ILT

Monitors the 3 primary functions, namely network insulation, transformer load and transformer temperature.

Insulation Fault Detection Systems – IFS

IFS provides a simple and effective method to identify which outgoing circuit has an insulation fault.

Automatic Transfer System – BATS

In the event of failure of the primary power supply, BATS ensures that the secondary supply can be switched into service within 0.5 seconds.

CANbus Interface Panel

All equipment which can provide a volt free alarm status can be connected to the CANbus network via the CANbus interface.

Surge Protection

Where IPS panels are considered a distribution board, double pole type II surge protection devices may wish to be considered.

Network Gateway

An optional feature, the web server provides an open protocol gateway to an external computer network and/or the internet.



Brandon Medical prides itself on supplying products of the highest quality. All products comply to the strictest regulatory and recommendatory documentation.
Our  Medical IT systems comply with the following documentation:

  • HD60364-7-710:2012
  • BS EN 61558-2-2015
  • BS EN 61557-1:2007
  •  BS EN 61557-8:2015
  •  BS EN 61557-9:2015
  •  BS EN 60601-1:2010
  •  BS7671:2018 – 18th Edition
  •  Guidance Note 7:2015
  •  HTM06_01