Brandon Medical appoints Matt Mills as representative for operating tables for the UK market


by Christina Hooley

March 17, 2023

Brandon Medical announces the appointment of Matt Mills as the new National Sales Manager – Operating Tables for the UK market.

Matt joins Brandon Medical to launch the Schmitz Diamond operating table, an innovative product in its own category, entering the operating tables market in the UK.

Matt Mills, a seasoned medical device sales professional, brings five years of experience in operating table specialism and a deep understanding of healthcare needs to Brandon Medical. He holds a BSc in Sports Physiotherapy and is passionate about optimal patient outcomes.

“I’m proud to bring world-leading medical products and services to the NHS and private health sector,” said Matt Mills. “The Diamond table offers a range of unique features and benefits, including infection control and manual handling benefits, optimised patient positioning, and future-proof functionality, all at a highly competitive price.”

Matt’s experience and passion for innovation will drive the success of the Diamond operating table in the UK market. With a commitment to improving productivity and efficiency, and making significant cost savings, Brandon Medical and Matt Mills are poised to significantly impact the UK’s operating tables market.

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