Great Ormond Street Hospital - London

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust (GOSH) is a national centre of excellence in the provision of children's healthcare. Now in their 150th year, GOSH is leading the way for paediatric care, delivering the widest range of paediatric specialities of any children's hospital in the UK.

The Hospital continually improves their services by incorporating the latest medical technology made available to the NHS. To fit in line with this objective GOSH have transformed their theatres by installing the worlds best LED theatre lights. Brandon Medical's award winning Quasar HD-LED operating theatre uses a novel colour transformation technology to produce very high quality light from LEDs. The light gives the best colour rendition of any operating theatre light. The nature of paediatric surgery requires high levels of light over a small surface area. Quasar HD-LED delivers an intense high quality light enabling surgeons to maximize accuracy during surgical procedures. This reduces eye strain and fatigue to enhance the surgeon's concentration.

In addition to high performance, Brandon's Quasar was chosen for its economical and environmental features. The light has been designed to be in line with the NHS's 2012 carbon emissions target. HD-LED® lights use up to 70 per cent less energy than conventional medical lighting and have consistently exceeded the standards laid down in environmental legislation. The contribution to CO2 reduction is approximately 1.25 tonnes per year per operating theatre, providing the Trust with substantial economic and environmental savings.

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