Symposia Entoli 4K Brandon Medical audio video for integrating operating theatre
Symposia Entoli 4K Brandon Medical audio video for integrating operating theatre

Symposia© Integrated Operating Theatre with Entoli 4K

Brandon Medical Ahead of the Curve with Innovation on Interoperability in Operating Theatres

Symposia© Integrated Operating Theatre with Entoli 4K from Brandon Medical

Brandon Medical can help hospitals implement software control and hardware audiovisual solutions in a variety of ways. From supply only to full support we can deliver successful projects that delight clinical users.

Nowadays, increasing demands for technological innovation and precision has given rise to interoperability in operating rooms. However, communication limitations between surgeons and surgical team members, especially during surgery, can hinder OR performance.

Smart Operating Theatres

The Operating Theatre has been dramatically changed: Minimally invasive surgery means that more equipment has to be integrated and controlled than before, with complex audio-video solutions required, additional to Medical IT, UPS, gases, specialised carts, etc.
As the core of the hospital’s surgery, the Operating Theatre has become a key area for leading the hospital’s transformation into smart medical treatment.

The Entoli™ Medical Controller, developed to cater to clinical needs, is a stable and easy-to-use audio-video solution.

Brandon Medical smart operating theatre range

Entoli™ Medical Control

“Entoli™ Medical Control” is an OR Control Platform that enables clinicians quick and easy setup before procedures and a simple touch interface for control during surgery. Entoli brings simplicity to complex technology with an upgradeable ‘buy what you need’ model. With this model an Entoli OR can have features added easily as the need arises.
Entoli was created by a team that includes Medical Installation Professionals, Professors of Surgery, Audio Visual Integrators and Agile Software Developers.
Entoli brings together expert knowledge in all these areas for integrаtion in the control App.

entoli 4k seamless control interface symposia integrated operating theatre

The Entoli™ Medical Controller, developed to cater to clinical needs, is a stable and easy-to-use audio-video solution.

Symposia View® Monitor Carrier

OR Room Trial: How to Handle Massive 4K Images and Video?

Traditional operating rooms require multiple machines to capture and generate information for surgeries to interpret. However, even if the majority of medical equipment can grab hi-res images, the difficulty is to manage the 4K data source, the very challenge to process the 10-20 gigabit data stream. Even minimal surgery needs the video to be zero latency, zero compression. Furthermore, under the high pressure and emergency condition, the Medical Controller needs to make sure the surgeon can drive those images through the interfaces easily.

Accident and emrgency Resus/Trauma area designing equipment solutions fro Brandon Medical

Zero-Latency 4K Transformation with Easy-to-Use Surface

Through Entoli and Brandon Medical cooperation, the 4K Integrated OR Medical Control tech has become mature, a stable and proven technology. Symposia hardware used in the Entoli™ Medical Controller system provides a new and intuitive surgical environment with high-speed transformation. AVAS encoder can transfer the video into the IP data stream with near zero latency, which provide real-time, high-resolution images due to the fact that it doesn’t compress the video. With the help of 10G per minute transmission tech, zero-latency 4K ultra-high-definition for video and images, surgeons can easily operate and enhance their visualisation abilities, improve the safety and medical quality of minimally invasive surgery, and make long-distance surgery training possible.

Through Entoli™ Medical Controller, AVAS helps integrate complex data, and, at the same time, two PAX touch screens and HIT pad present the information into a user-friendly interface. The intuitive tablet interface allows the surgeon to manage either video source, being either the endoscope screen, the operating room monitor or the information feed from other equipment or sources. Surgeons are not only able to customise the interface according to their needs, but also make better use of the operating room space.

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Flexible Fulfillment of Different Requirements

At the same time, the hardware provided by Symposia is future-proof as it fits the demand for standardized, and at the same time is malleable to be adapted according to the differences in information requirements of different hospitals and physicians. Also, this system is flexible, capable to be extended. In the near future, surgical light control, AI data, etc. can be added according to the needs.

Entoli™ Medical Controller is using Symposia’s reliable, excellent quality, and Brandon Medical’s 30 years of design and innovation for the operating room experience as a winning combination for the smart operating theatre of the future.