Symposia®- Digital Media for Healthcare

Symposia is a digital media package designed specifically for healthcare. The importance of digital communication through hospitals is growing rapidly, Symposia recognises this demand by delivering a complete range of Medical AV products, targeting a number of users and applications. The system connects medical professionals to a range of Audio-Visual resources which can be accessed immediately from any location. All audio and video communications can be 2 way between all locations.

Symposia video flow Brandon medical

Symposia video flow

Symposia® Displays and Monitors

Multi Disciplinary Teams

Media can be exchanged quickly between medical staff from different disciplines. Enabling effective, collaborative working.

Symposia® Surgical Video System training rooms from Brandon Medical

Training Rooms

Symposia is used for active learning by providing 2-way visual and audio communications between clinical environments and seminar rooms for interactive teaching and training.

Stoc image illustrating remote work

Work Away from the Hospital

Doctors and nurses can access media from anywhere with a suitable network connection (subject to access controls).

Medical Lecture Theatres

Medical video, images, data and audio can be streamed into university and hospital lecture theatres.

Surgical Skills Best Practice

Symposia is the idea tool in Advanced Surgical Skills Training Centres where it is used by experienced surgeons to up-skill and share best practice.

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Symposia allows Senior Consultants to monitor the trainees during live surgery. Any number of juniors can be monitored simultaneously from any location with a suitable network connection. Trainees can call their mentor during clinical procedures to share live video and audio information and to obtain expert, on the spot advice. Mentor’s can log on to any location with a suitable network connection, to provide support and to assess if physical intervention is needed.

Symposia View® Monitor Carrier


Live video feeds can be accessed from observation rooms for monitoring staff and patients.