Coolview CLED23 Examination Light

Coolview® CLED23

Best-in-class Examination Lamp

Why Coolview CLED23?

Advanced best-in-class lighting intensity, anti-microbial examination lamp.

Coolview® CLED23™ delivers the highest lighting performance and colour corrected light, reducing eye strain making the focus of the light vivid and tissues easily identified.

Providing uncompromising lighting performance for the clinician its high intensity performance and colour corrected light make the focus of the examination vivid and natural. The CLED23™ is a perfect light for dermatology, ENT, Gynaecology and sensitive areas such as neonatal and ICU departments.

Best-in-class Examination Lamp

Coolview CLED23 Head Detail

Highest Light Quality

CLED23™ emits 60,000 Lux of intense bright light at 0.5m, providing a pool of clear light during procedures. The light intensity can be altered through 4 easily selectable settings providing a suitable level of intensity for all procedures.

Large Illuminated Area

A large illuminated area of 210mm diameter makes it easy to examine large areas of tissue and makes it easier to target the light on the patient.

Coolview CLED23 Light controls

High Colour Rendition

CLED23TM reproduces all of the visible colours naturally and accurately. The high Ra of 95 describes the exceptionally high quality of white light whilst the high R9 of 90 measurement describes how it accurately reproduces visible red.

Colour Control Settings

CLED23TM allows the user to adjust the colour temperature of the light source. This enhances the clinician’s ability to recognise and distinguish tissue conditions. The warm white (3,500°K) setting is ideal for dermatological examinations and the daylight white setting (4,500°K) is ideal for the recognition of blood vessels.


Infection Control Lasting Protection

The CLED23™ uses an anti-microbial active substance which is moulded into the lamp head, inhibiting the growth of micro organisms including MRSA. This is more than an external coating and allows the lamp to be permanently resistant to contamination.

The Science Behind the Sanitising

The anti-microbial substance is integrated into the light head during manufacturing. It inhibits the growth of and proliferation of microbes and bacteria whilst the silver ions destabilise the cell membrane. This prevents the bacteria from multiplying. Tests have shown that 99% of bacteria and germs are destroyed using the active substance.

Premium Performance

Coolview CLED23 Head Rotated
Full Rotation of Light Head

The Coolview® CLED23™ light head boasts 360° rotation. This allows the user to position the light beam to suit any procedure, without any restrictive stops or twisted cables. This also means the examination light can be used to provide ambient room lighting by reflecting light from the ceiling. This is a feature often used in neonatal care to provide night lighting.

Coolview CLED23 Floor standing
Full Rotation at Ceiling Pole

Ceiling mounted models (CLED23T1C) also have unrestricted 360° rotation at the ceiling pole providing even more positioning flexibility.

Coolview CLED23 Rail
Long Arm Reach & Large Angular Movements

The exceptionally long, 1200mm arm reach of the CLED23™ ensures the powerful beam can be positioned all around the patient couch. This allows for ‘head to toe’ examination of the patient without the need for patient repositioning during examination.

Brandon Medical Coolview CLED23 Examination Light
Spring-Balanced Positioning

Innovative spring-balanced arm system ensures the light is positioned effortlessly, remains fixed in place and is maintenance-free.

Coolview CLED23 Head Detail
Fully Enclosed Light Head

The light head is sealed to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture to IP20.

Coolview CLED23 Control panel
Intuitive Control Panel

The easy to use and ergonomic control pod allows all lighting features to be adjusted with a simple press of the button.