Symposia CoPAX

CoPAX Integrated touch screen and data system

Brandon Medical's Symposia CoPAX system is an integrated control and display system that combines the display and distribution of high definition (HD) laproscope images, audio-visual control and display functions, operating theatre records and PACS review. All of this is combined into a single integrated wall unit that is clean and hygenic. The 42" touch screen features multiple or single source display applications such as an integrated World Health Organiation checklist with time and date stamp, automatic emailing and recording of documents such as operating information, to basic administrative tasks.

Bespoke Applications

Bespoke applications can be created for billing, information database recording, stock counts and much more. The use of industry standard equipment from reputed manufacturers ensures that the Symposia CoPAX will remain up to date. In addition, the input and output formats mean that future requirements can be integrated without expensive up-grades.

User Data

User data can be input using the touch interface, such as attending surgical team names and real-time database technology provides the ability to complete registers and logs of procedures.


  • Signal processing and routing for video and computer signals with optional HD video facility
  • Local display and multi image display on remote monitor systems
  • Local and remote device control including video communications and camera systems
  • Connection to remote locations using international video conferencing standards
  • Direct to fibre optic image processing for local distribution to seminar and training rooms
  • Databse form completion and checklist recording with results delivered to external systems using email


 Main Software Features

"Closure Checklist"
for recording actions during key stages. Results are delivered using dedicated email server to user configurable destination

"Suture and swab count"
On screen counting record for adding and subtracting quantities in a virtual whiteboard style. Results recorded with time and date and emailed to external destination

"Instrument count"
Database driven from standard instrument lists with the ability to add and subtract items as required. providing a running tally of instruments within the OR.



Product Features

  • 40" Interactive touch screen
  • Full HD resolution
  • Integrated check lists
  • Suture & swab count
  • Instrument count
  • Multi image display
  • Live operating theatre streaming to seminar rooms & training rooms