Creating The Titan Structure

The Titan Structure by Brandon Medical

by Brandon Medical

March 4, 2023

The Titan Structure is our new design for our central axis system and offers a more efficient solution

“Brilliant by Design” has been at the core of our fundamental values for over two decades. Are goal is constant innovation, continuous improvement and leadership within healthcare technology. The Titan project is a testimony to these values and provides a significant uplift in the performance of our central axis system – the foundation from which we hand all our operating theatre lights, video monitors and other essential medical equipment. This project was a tremendous undertaking and a team effort from all involved. Learn more about the team that created the Titan Structure and the objectives that it has achieved below.

Peter North - Senior Design Engineer at Brandon Medical
“There were many objectives within the project; one of the most important ones for us as a business was cost reduction for our clients. The previous central axis structure (the industry term for the Titan Structure) was around 15 years old; therefore, we had learnt so much, over that time, about what our customers needed and how we could design and build it more efficiently.
Another core objective, alongside cost reduction, was to increase configurability of the product to increase its agility and response time.”
Read our conversations with Lead Designer for the Titan project - Peter North. 
Jack Matthews – SIGMA Assembly Specialist at Brandon Medical.
“Within the Titan project, I was able to work with other members of the Brandon team to improve both the Titan Structure itself and other systems within the company. As well as assembling the arm structures on Titan.
The company values were definitely adopted and taken on board within this project as we were given a much louder, stronger voice within the design aspect of the project and were able to raise issues with the physical product to the design engineers. “
Learn more about Titan from SIGMA Assembly Specialist, Jack Matthews, on his experience in the assembly of the Titan Structure.
James Bate – Head of production at Brandon Medical.
“Safety is a fundamental aspect of Brandon’s products, mainly due to the fact that they are installed in hospitals, veterinary practises and other institutions within the medical sector therefore, risk aversion and safety of patients, doctors and all individuals who interact with our products is essential.
The safety aspect of Brandon’s products are definitely reflected in the environment we work in; we have a health and safety team, many precautions, and the vast majority of our work is common practice.”
Read about Head of Production, James Bate's, experiences during the creation of the Titan structure.
Paul Cawthorne – Head Of manufacturing at Brandon Medical.
“There are several new features within the Titan Structure design such as improved agility and easier installation (from a two-man to a single-man job) as it is more lightweight than the previous Mk IV central axis. Titan has also enabled a large cost reduction.
Our aims, within the broader aims of the Titan project, were to enable it to lose weight and allow it to retrofit different adaptors to it; both of these core aims were fulfilled therefore I think the project was successful.”
Read the details of Head of Manufacturing, Paul Cawthorne's, experiences with the project here.

Talk to us about how Titan Structure can support your project's requirements.

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